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Town-wide Tag Sale

Our second annual town-wide Tag Sale was our kick-off event of 2019, and our first fund-raiser. We’ll be back in 2020, so start cleaning out your closets, basement and attic for next year!

Paid participants got a spot on our interactive map and a BIG (18x24”) sign to promote their location. Couldn’t have it at home? You could sell your wares at the Church of Hope parking lot downtown.

For 2020, We’ll have an updated form, where you’ll have a chance to sign up online here or on our Facebook page, or print out the forms and and mail in with your check.

This is our spring fundraising event, application fees help fund TTCP’s remaining activities for the year, so be a good sport and sign up! 

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Participants and vendors in the activities sponsored by The Town Center Project, Inc. assume all risks associated with their participation. In no event will The Town Center Project, Inc., its officers, directors, agents or representatives (collectively referred to as “TTCP”), assume any risk or liability arising out of these events. Participants and vendors assume all risk and liability associated with their participation, activities, products and services and will indemnify and hold harmless TTCP for any claims resulting from the same. Food vendors will provide written proof of liability insurance naming TTCP as an additional insured. Food vendors must also provide a certificate from the Chatham Health District.

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